China Day 21/1/20 - 24/01/2020

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We celebrated Chinese New Year on the 21th January with an array of different activities all linking to the Chinese New Year traditional celebrations. All children got the opportunity to listen to, learn or practise speaking key words in Chinese such as hello and good bye as well as tasting different traditional Chinese food. Some classes enjoyed learning a dragon dance whilst some classes listened to Chinese Music. There were a number of arts and craft activities completed throughout school and hopefully you will see some of these if you visit our school in the near future.

Chinese New Year day is a great way to expose children to different traditions and ways of life in China. It also allows children to explore food, songs and crafts which they would not usually be exposed to. We encourage children to recognise and celebrate each other’s and other peoples differences and this is a great way to do so whilst having lots of fun!

The day was a great success and the children loved exploring China and the traditions of Chinese New Year we are looking forward to celebrating again next year.