School Council

Marshlands Student Council

At Marshlands School we have our own Student Council. The Student Council is here to give all our pupils a voice, the opportunity to put forward ideas and is for the whole school community. Ideas can include; raising money for other people and organising events or activities that are different and interesting. At the start of each school year we hold class elections and one pupil from each class is voted onto the Student Council. Some of the older children represent pupils in Tadpoles, Dragonflies, Grasshoppers and Lapwings. All members spend time with the class they represent before a meeting, to find out what they would like including on the agenda and again to feedback after a meeting.

The Council meets twice a term with Mrs Walker to discuss topics on the agenda and to put forward new ideas suggested by their peers during a class discussion. In the school hall we have a display board with photographs of Student Council members, information about our meeting; events and a suggestion box so that pupils can put forward any matters that they would like the student council to discuss. Each class also has a photograph in their classroom of their representative. Mrs Walker also talks about Student Council in assembly and tells everyone what has been agreed.